Lee Terry Refuses to Debate Dan Frei


What is Lee Terry hiding from?

When given the opportunity to join Dan Frei in a candidate forum conducted by the Sarpy Republican Women, Lee Terry again refused to have a side-by-side debate and take questions. Each of the candidates for Governor and the U.S. Senate abided by the rules of the announced candidate forum, but Lee Terry made a point of side-stepping the announced format.

The only conclusion that can be drawn is that Lee Terry is afraid of how his views on the issues and his voting record will look compared to Dan Frei’s principled approach to politics. It will not be a pretty sight for the Congressman.

Terry has refused to debate Dan Frei on more than one occasion. The Dan Frei for Congress campaign today renews our demand that Lee Terry engage in an open, honest debate about the issues so that Nebraskans can make an informed decision in the primary election on May 13.

Voters will not be fooled by this charade. Nor will they forget. Dan Frei is generating enthusiasm and energy everywhere he goes and is poised for victory in the primary election.

Contacts: Bruce Dickes, 402-218-3036, bedickes@votefrei.com

Bruce E. Dickes



After Decades Looking In, Dan Frei Seeks Chance To Take Action

The Omaha World Herald, as part of their series of candidate background pieces, has up today, Monday, April 21st 2014 their piece on Dan Frei.

“Frei may have a point that he can pull a sizable force away from Terry despite the fact that he doesn’t have a ton of money, especially in an anti-incumbent year,” said Randall Adkins, a political scientist at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Please go to http://m.omaha.com/article/20140421/NEWS/140429827&template=mobileart to view the entire article.



Percentages Percentages

So, Lee Terry wants to talk percentages: Okay, let’s talk…

  • FreedomWorks rated Lee Terry 59% this past year, 45% the year before.
  • Club for Growth rates Lee Terry 62% this past year, 64% the year before.
  • Americans for Prosperity gives Lee Terry a 57% when it comes to “Budget and Spending”.
  • The National Taxpayer’s Union ranks him a 70%, his lowest ranking ever.

Nebraskans need a stronger voice in Washington DC. Dan Frei is that voice.


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