Lee Terry Doubles Down on Dirty Campaign Tactics

Lee Terry Doubles Down on Dirty Campaign Tactics
May 10, 2014

OMAHA, NE – Apparently, the Washington DC consultants Lee Terry has running his campaign don’t care if their tactics have any honesty or integrity behind them. After he was called out by the national media for his less-than-truthful campaign tactics, Terry’s response was to distribute another round of outrageously false fliers.


This would be funny if it were not so insulting to Nebraska voters. The Terry campaign is so desperate they will say or do anything to remain in Congress.

Let’s review the lies being spread by Lee Terry:

Lee Terry lie number 1 – Terry falsely claims he is the only pro-life candidate in this race. He is wrong. One of the pillars of the Dan Frei for Congress campaign is protecting the unborn, and Dan Frei has been endorsed by Nebraskans United for Life, a prominent pro-life group.

Lee Terry lie number 2 – Terry lies when he says that Dan Frei is a liberal, allied with Nancy Pelosi. This is ridiculous on its face. In fact, there are numerous, big government, budget-busting votes where Lee Terry has voted exactly the same way as Nancy Pelosi. Dan Frei would never do the same.

Nebraska deserves better than a Congressman who plays fast and loose with the truth in a despicable attempt to further his own interests.

Dan Frei, reached for comment said, “Lee Terry’s campaign has been funded almost entirely by big money, out of state, special interests. That should tell us where his loyalties lie and should be a clue to how he will vote in Congress. I am the only real conservative in this race. Lee Terry cares only about his reelection. I care more about the next generation than the next election. I will not sacrifice the truth to get elected. Lee Terry cannot say the same.”

Bruce E. Dickes

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Dan Frei Is In Position To Win On Tuesday, May 13th!

Dan Frei is in position to win on Tuesday, May 13th!

….and Lee Terry is resorting to Desperate, Dirty Politics:

    False Ad 3

   Fals Ad 2

Nebraska deserves better.  I’m ashamed that our congressman, Lee Terry, thinks that dirty politics is the way to win.

Your grassroots effort has put Dan Frei in position to win the Republican Primary on Tuesday, May 13th Recent polling shows Lee Terry receiving only 40%.

We have an opportunity to shock the Washington establishment by sending Dan Frei to Congress.  This congressional district belongs to Nebraska Conservatives and not the big money special interests!

Let’s make sure we finish the job:


     1)  Vote on May 13th

     2)  Forward this email to your Family and Friends

     3)  Follow up to make sure they Vote on May 13th

Click on the following links for additional information:

   (Dan Frei – Stronger Voice)

   (Lee Terry’s Record)

Please contact me if you need additional information.

Thanks for your support!

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