Dan Frei for Congress Platform


Taxes, Spending, Jobs and the Economy

  1. America must provide tax relief to workers and businesses in order to grow the economy and create more private sector jobs.
  2. The federal tax code must be simplified.
  3. We must rein in out-of-control spending, balance the federal budget and begin to pay down the national debt.
  4. The United States must adopt sound monetary principles to head off the looming potential of inflation.
  5. Massive regulatory rules must be rolled back and eliminated to foster economic growth.
  6. Responsible programs to encourage home ownership must be undertaken.
  7. The secret ballot must be protected in all unionization efforts to provide workers a free choice unimpeded by intimidation efforts.


 Protecting Our Constitutional Rights

  1. We must protect our first amendment rights to free speech.
  2. Freedom to openly practice our religion must not be abridged, restricted or ignored.
  3. Our second amendment right to keep and bear arms should not be infringed.
  4. Congress must not allow the president to usurp legislative powers through unchallenged executive orders.
  5. Congress must reassert its Constitutional role of enacting laws and limit the role of an activist judiciary.
  6. The preeminent role of the individual states must be restored.
  7. Congress must take immediate steps to defend our privacy and property rights.
  8. The federal government and national security agencies must not spy on our citizens.
  9. Internet freedom must be maintained.


Energy, the Environment and Agriculture

  1. We must unlock America’s abundant energy reserves for development in order to make us completely energy independent.
  2. The EPA must be restrained from its regulatory overreach.
  3. The environment must be protected through reasonable means that include private stewardship of the air, our land, and waters.
  4. The family farm is the bedrock of the American agricultural tradition and it must be supported and protected.


Health Care and Social Security

  1. The U.S. medical system is the envy of the world and it must be protected and maintained.
  2. Obamacare must be repealed in  its entirety.
  3. We must help provide for the uninsured needy through existing programs like Medicaid as well as through new free market solutions.
  4. Steps must be taken to shore up Medicare and Medicaid so that these programs will be available to future generations.



  1. Secure our borders from those illegally crossing into this country.
  2. Enforce the laws already in place against illegal immigration.
  3. Ban government assistance programs to those here illegally.
  4. Immediately deport illegal immigrants convicted of crimes in other countries.


Our Families and Traditional Values

  1. The unborn must be protected.
  2. Our public schools must teach our nation’s history and provide examples of the uniqueness of the American experience and American exceptionalism.
  3. We must provide consumers a choice in the education of their children by encouraging voucher systems.
  4. Congress must take steps to address the role of the federal college student loan program in creating and maintaining the bubble of rising tuition costs.


America‘s Leadership on the World Stage

  1. The United States must maintain its leadership in the world as the last best hope of civilization.
  2. Our nation must support our allies and withhold monetary foreign aid from adversary states.
  3. America must project strength to friends and foes alike.
  4. We must support our troops and provide for veterans as the heroes they are.
  5. Our conventional military forces must not be allowed to continue to decline.
  6. American sovereignty must not be allowed to be subordinated to any international organization.
  7. International terrorism must be confronted and defeated.